Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The End of an Era

It was a little more than two years ago when I first sent a link of an article I wrote to Dan Walsh at the SportsBubbler, hoping to get a little more publicity for my new website. However, my emails hoping to be linked on the website run by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will so go unrequited, as the end of the SportsBubbler website is near.

They've had the readership, but it's hard to lock in enough sponsors for a site like this, no matter how awesome it has been. Some of you may have never been there, some of you might only go there for my Winks Thinks articles, and some of you may have made it a daily stop on your website browsing. Either way, it's shutting down shop next week Wednesday, the end of an era indeed.

Most of the blogs that make up the SportsBubbler - Railbird Central, Bernie's Crew, Admirals Shorts Shifts - will all live on at JSOnline, but I'm still not sure what this means for the future of Winks Thinks. My weekly column has been posted on the site for nearly two years, and now that it doesn't have a home I'm not quite sure what will happen to it. Perhaps I'll try to do something weekly here, perhaps not writing a Winks Thinks each week will lead to more posts per week here on The Bucky, but that's still up in the air at this point.

One thing that is for sure is that my last Winks Thinks on the SportsBubbler will be tomorrow, which coincides with the two year anniversary of The Bucky Channel which is actually today. So prepare for an article with a retrospective-type feel tomorrow. And some good ol' Central Wisconsin bashing of course.


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