Friday, January 8, 2010

I Hate College Football More Everday

When Texas beat Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship to advance to the BCS National Championship Game, I vowed right then and there to never watch a college football game again until a playoff system was implemented. Obviously, because I'm all talk, that vow didn't come true. But, that doesn't mean I wasn't close.

Looking back, there were only a few games I watched, and even then it was only just snippets of. I barely watched any of the Alabama/Texas game, I caught the end of the TCU/Boise State matchup, and there may have been one game on a random Saturday night somewhere in there two. All of those made possible because I have a large television in my living room, but I also have a small secondary one, and it was on the small one that I occasionally glanced at the scores because as a sports fan it's in my nature to at least be interested in what's happening.

I did watch most of the Badgers/Miami game, but even then I was more focused on my laptop than I was the TV (I was writing a poem during the game - but don't ask). College football just doesn't interest me as much as I'd like it to, for one main reason: Boise State finished 14-0, yet they couldn't get higher than fourth in the polls.

Look, I realize that the pollsters ranked Texas second because they lost in the #1 vs. #2 game, I get that. But are you really telling me you don't think Boise State could beat Texas? They looked dreadful on Thursday night, and not just because Colt McCoy got injured. Even with McCoy, they looked worse in their game against Nebraska. Bosie State could beat them, and I'm pretty sure TCU could too.

Florida was ranked third, ahead of Boise State as well, which I find unfair. Not that I'd beat my life on the Broncos beating Florida, but at least show Boise State some respect and recognize that they went UNDEFEATED. Then again, you're not going to convince college football pollsters to rank Boise State any higher than fourth because a) they all have sticks up their asses and take themselves too seriously and b) even Brett Favre is jealous of how much the media loves Tim Tebow.

I think the thing that bothers me most about this whole Boise State/TCU thing is that these are teams that are willing to prove themselves to anyone. They will play anybody, anywhere, home or away, and major universities just aren't buying into it. Even the one occasion per year where they should be matched up against a major college football program, during the BCS, the bowl officials decided to pit the two mid-majors together and give us other horse shit games like Iowa vs. Georgia Tech.

Seriously, find me anyone who doesn't agree that Boise State vs. Iowa and TCU vs. Georgia Tech wouldn't have drawn up more interest. Hell, put Boise State vs. Florida and let's really make this thing interesting. But no, college football is stuck in the past, and it's ruining the present. Come on Nick Saban, there is still time to challenge Boise State to name a true national champion. But I guess that's about as likely as soccer catching on in America, so I'll wish for something else.

Besides that though, it looks like the Badgers were given some decent recognition. They were placed at 16 in both polls, and are up to number ten in's first look at preseason rankings for next season. I will still college football, because I'm a sports fan, but I'm still not sure why the sport doesn't just face the music and realize that what the fans what to see - a playoff with a true national champion - would be so much better for their product. Whatever, now I'm making myself upset and don't want to talk about it anymore.

At least not until next year, when we can gripe about this all again.


Daniel C said...

I agree with your entire post, but you have two TVs and your laptop on all at once? ADD? Just kidding, but I thought I was bad with the TV and laptop.

Unknown said...

bucky preseason top ten, tide rolled, couldn't be happier (playoffs would be sweet and I'd love to see alabama play boise this week)

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