Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Love College Basketball More Every Day

Every time I've written about the Badgers or Marquette so far this season, I basically come up with the same statement: These teams are better than people thought they were, and I'm excited to see what they can do. Well, this time is going to be different, because after a couple of months into the 2009-2010 college basketball season, I think it's fair to say we now know exactly what these teams are capable of.

For the Badgers, it's that they have a team that is poised to make a run in this tournament. As impressive as their win against Duke was earlier this season, their win against #4 Purdue on Saturday may have been even more so. With the win, the Badgers are nearly flawless against ranked teams this season and looking very good against them. So far this season, we've had to preface statements with "Even though they lost to UW-Green Bay...", but I think it's about time we can stop doing that. Wisconsin's 73-66 over the Boilermakers win proves in fact that this team is for real, and they will be a force to be reckoned with.

Basically, this game belonged to Jordan Taylor, as the Badgers sophomore guard led the way with 23 points. I don't like using the word "sick" as an adjective when describing someone doing well, but sick is exactly what Taylor was in this game. Not to be gay or anything, but the shots this guy came up with Saturday were so, well, beautiful. He had complete control of this game, and when paired with Trevon Hughes this team was really rolling. A great performance from both players this weekend, and also it was an impressive game from Jason Bohannon, who played the entire 40 minutes and ended up with 14 points.

Marquette had a chance as well to knock off a top ten opponent, but as they have been doing so often this season they came up just short, losing to sixth-ranked Villanova 78-76. Thank God Marquette was able to come through in one of these close games by knocking off Georgetown the other day, or I'd start to think they would would never be able to get over the hump. As far as what we know Marquette to be, they seem to be a very good team that just can't close the deal. Hopefully this experience of close losses will only help them come playoff time.

Moral of the story is that if you're a college basketball fan in Wisconsin, you have a lot to be proud of right now. You have Marquette, a team that seems to be just shades away from a true contender, and then you have Wisconsin, a team that has already proven to be one. Good times indeed.


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