Monday, January 11, 2010

Is This West Coast Trip Over Yet?

We've been talking about it for weeks, but the West Coast trip is finally here. Now the real question is, is it over yet? Needless to say that things didn't start out very well for the Bucks, as the Lakers never trailed in their 95-77 victory over Milwaukee. Not that I expected the Bucks to actually one this one, although at one point Bear and I did wonder what it would be like if this matchup was the NBA Finals (hey, we were reeling after that Packers loss, please forgive us).

I'd like to give you the full extent of the recap that Gweeds is good at doing, but I may or may not have been on the phone during the entire game and didn't catch too much of it. But that's neither here nor there. Fact of the matter is the Bucks just aren't suited to knock off teams as good as the Lakers. During the first quarter of the game (of which I did see), I had the feeling that the Lakers weren't really even bringing their "A" game into this one, and that they knew they could just coast over Milwaukee. Key points to this feeling were that Adam Morrison was seeing quality minutes on the floor, and that Kobe got fouled and didn't even bitch afterwards.

Regardless, the Bucks are going to have enough time for a quick turnaround as they'll face another five teams in the next eight days, all as part of the West Coast trip. Hell, I have a hard time working five shifts in an eight day period, so good luck to the Bucks. They'll be back in action already tonight against Phoenix, start time at 8:00pm Central on FSN.

And for a POTG, let's go with (drawing name out of hat) Luke Ridnour.


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