Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jennings Lifts Bucks Over Warriors Again

It wasn't 55 points this time, but a huge 3 with 18.9 seconds left in the game Friday night gave the Bucks a much needed win over Golden State. The Warriors only had 8 guys dress up for the game. Two of those guys had to play all 48 minutes, Stephen Curry, and Monta Ellis. Ellis carried the Warriors in the first half, and gave them a 56-48 lead going into the second half. It was a pretty frustrating situation because the Bucks were getting out played by a team that only had really 5 NBA players on there team. All three bench players for the Warriors don't usually play a lot of minutes. The Bucks would need a bit of spark which im assuming I provided by going to bed early.

The Bucks started the third quarter out with a 13-6 run, and cut the lead to 2. During this run all the starters, but Illysova had a point. The Bucks continued to roll in the third and actually built a lead after three quarters. Milwaukee had an 84-79 lead going into the fourth quarter.

You would think that the Warriors would start getting tired and throw up some bricks, but that wasn't really how it went. Maggette, Curry, and Ellis scored 19 of the 25 points in the fourth quarter. Golden State made a late charge as Maggette made a layup cutting the Bucks lead to just 3 points. The Bucks needed someone to make a big shot, well Delfino launched up a 3 pointer only for it to rattle out. One of the smallest guys on the court got a huge offensive rebound. Jennings got the board and ran down the shot clock again. With about 20 seconds Jennings fired up a shot from downtown that hit nothing but net. The Bucks would make free throws down the stretch to get the victory 113-104.

Lets look at some highlights from the game Friday night.

* Brandon Jennings might have got some of his "Jack" swagger back after this game. He shot the ball well, made some great passes, but most important got to the free throw line. I really thing he needs to do this to gain confidence in his jumper. Jennings finished the game with 25 points, 7 Assists and 4 steals. He gets the Bucks POTG award for his efforts Friday night.

* This game really needed to go through Bogut because Golden State loves to run. Bogut finished the game with 15 points, 16 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Good game for the big guy who will be tested Saturday against Boozer and the Jazz.

* Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Bucks shot more free throws than their opponent. Thats right the Bucks shot 39 throws to the Warriors 27. Bucks also made 31 free throws so they didn't shot bad from the line either.

* Bench play was huge. The Bucks bench had 42 points, while the Warriors bench had 11 points.

* When you think Warriors you think points. Well they were limited with guys Friday so they had to rely one guy to step up and he did. Monta Ellis is a hell of a basketball player. He made great plays Friday night, while also scoring 33 points, and dishing 8 assists. Also when you play all 48 minutes in a game you earn the Hunter of the Night award.

Overall a nice win for the Bucks, the first of the road trip. Good to see Milwaukee could keep it close in the first half. The past few games they have been blowouts by halftime, and the Bucks could never recover. The Bucks will get no time off as they head to Utah for there next game Saturday night. I Thought Milwaukee might catch a break, but looks like Deron Williams will play Saturday night. For the rest of the box scores click the link below.

Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out...

Also the Bucks lost Wednesday to Portland. Game sucked so no recap if you want to look at the box score click here. Player of the game goes to......Ersan Illyasova.


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