Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jennings' Runner Gives Bucks Win

With 22 seconds left in the Bucks game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Brandon Jennings hit a nice runner in the lane to give the Bucks the lead for good. This was another back and forth game for the Bucks Wednesday night, similar to their game against the Mavs on Tuesday. The only difference in this game was that the Bucks would build a little bit of a lead, only to let the 76ers climb right back into the game. The Bucks were just one point better every quarter than the 76ers Wednesday night.

The Bucks had a one point lead after the first, a two point lead at half, and a three point lead after the third. The fourth quarter was played dead even, which gave the Bucks a three point win. Not everyday you see a game played with so much consistency from each team in every quarter.

Here's some random fun facts for you as well. During the game Paschke and McGlocklin had a few conversations that I found interesting. The first one is that Doug Melvin once scored 55 points in a game during his days in high school. After the game he held up a piece of paper that said 55 on it. The same thing Wilt did after his 100 point game. He must have known at a young age he would be a big deal when he got older.

The second one was that in AAU ball Brandon Jennings, Jrue Holiday, and Kevin Love were all on the same team. Talk about a team I would not want to mess with. And if you couldn't figure this out for yourself they finished the season 33-0. Also the fact that Jrue Holiday is the first NBA player born in the 1990's, which blows my mind. So people my age in your mid 20's you better get used to things like that. But those are three very young and athletic guys in the NBA that should have years and years of good basketball ahead of them.

Random facts, yes, but I thought that if you didn't get a chance to see the game I would drop some info on your ass. Now lets check out some highlights from this 91-88 win for the Bucks.

* Brandon Jennings, can't say enough about him. He finished the game with 18 points, 7 assists, and the game winning bucket. Not a huge game but just another game where he made plays when he needed to and he also kept the Bucks in it. They hit a little cold streak in the third quarter, but Jennings scored 8 of his 18 in the third. With this game he will earn himself the Bucks POTG award for Wednesday night.

* Ersan Ilyasova had nice game off the bench for the Bucks. He finished the game with 15 points, 6 rebounds (four of which were offensive), and he was 7-8 from the field. Always nice to see a guy come in off the bench and do some work.

* Both teams struggled from the free throw line Wednesday night. Each team shot 21 free throws, but each team had a hard time making them. The Bucks finished 12-21 from the line, which is just awful. The 76ers finished 14-21, which is nothing to brag about.

* Bucks took care of the ball which always helps. The Bucks won the turnover battle, with 8 turnovers to the 76ers 16 turnovers.

* Elton Brand owned the Bucks for the whole game except for his second to last shot of the night. He had a bunny to tie it with about 10 seconds left and he under laid it. He got is own rebound and missed a fade away. I would say 99-100 times Brand makes this shot. He finished the game with 26 points, 10 rebounds, and 2 blocks. He will get the Hunter of the Night award.

Overall a good pick me up game for the Bucks after the heart breaker to the Mavs Tuesday night. The Bucks are still in the 9th seed, with a 19-25 record on the season. It is also helpful when you hold the other teams leading scorer to zero points in the first half (Andre Iguodala). The schedule doesn't get any easier for the Bucks coming up. They have a home/away with the Miami Heat. They play home Saturday night, and away Monday night. This will be a true test to see who, if anyone, will be able to shut down Dwayne Wade. For the rest of the box scores from Wednesday night click the link below.

I brush your mouth like Colgate....

Hint: He may win the Rumble this weekend.... (Winks Note: He better not.)


rory said...

My Rumble wish-list:

1. Jericho
2. Punk
3. Ted Dibiase
4. Miz (better get at strong showing regardless)
5. Morrison

My better not win the Rumble list:

1. HHH
2. Cena
3. Batista

I'd rather not see Shawn win either, but I could stomach it more than the aforementioned three.

The Rumble needs to be a place where we see the emergence of a new star. Considering the the current product, I'd say that statement is more important now than ever before.

Gweedo said...

rory what about Kofi.

rory said...

Good call. Consider Kofi number 6 on my list, and realistically, he's got a better shot than everyone on that list except for Jericho and Punk.

Kofi can talk and he can go in the ring. The WWE inexplicably soured on him right in the middle of what should have been his big push. Now they are trying to rectify the damage they did by having him job repeatedly to Orton.

Speaking of people the WWE has soured on, WTF are they doing with Swagger? This guy has so much main event talent and they're just pissing on it.

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