Thursday, January 28, 2010

Melvin Tries It Again, This Time With Jim Edmonds

I recently wrote an article about players that were past their prime before they even came to Wisconsin, but one thing I failed to mention in that piece was just how much Brewers GM Doug Melvin loved bringing those type of players into his organization. In recent years, he's brought in guys like Gabe Kapler, Frank Catalonatto, and even Trevor Hoffman. And while he's still looking at getting Mark Mulder to sign with the club, he did land himself another former Cardinal great in the form of Jim Edmonds.

Edmonds will be vying for a backup outfielder spot for the Brewers, and if it makes it this will be his fifth major league stop. He came into the bigs with the Angles, spent some time with the Padres, but we're of course familiar with him from his time in St. Louis and even a quick stop in Chicago. Cardinals fans were irate when Edmonds signed with the Cubs, and I can't wait to see how mad both fan bases will be once Edmonds is smacking homers against them as a Brewer.

That's of course, if he makes the team. Edmonds is pushing 40 and is without a doubt not the same player he used to be. Melvin still thinks he's competitive enough though to warrant a tryout, and will likely make around $800,000 if he's able to make the club. Here's hoping Melvin has found gold in the form of a seemingly washed-up veteran yet again.


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