Monday, January 11, 2010

Nash Burns Bucks

Steve Nash must circle the two games when he plays the Bucks every year. Is it me or does he just light up the Bucks all the time? Don't get me wrong he is a great player, but why can't we shut him down just once. Nash and the Suns starters went to work early, and it looked like this might be a long night for the Bucks. At the end of the first quarter the Suns had a nice 36-15 lead.

The second quarter was a different story. This is when four Bucks decided that they were going to fight back in this game. Kurt Thomas, Hakim Warrick, Luke Ridnour, and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute scored all of the 27 points in the second quarter. Not really the guys you would think to put up a nice total for the quarter, but it worked so we won't complain. Bucks were within 12 at half with the score at 54-42.

The third quarter was when things got interesting. Bogut found his hook shot, while Bell made three 3-pointers. This is when I felt that the Bucks might be able to steal a game from the Suns. After another hard fought quarter the Bucks were only down 79-76, and suddenly this game started to feel like a football game that was played 17.1 miles away the day before.

The fourth quarter was back and forth between the two teams. The Bucks had the lead twice, but both times would give that lead up right away. The Bucks tied it at 89, only for Nash to make two jumpers Jason Richardson a three. That would put the Suns up 96-89 and at that point the game seemed all but over. But it wasn't over. Remember who you are talking about here, the Bucks who fight till the end.

Warrick made a nice jump shot, followed by two Ridnour free throws. The Suns lead was down to three, but Amare Stoudemire made a layup to push it back to five. The Bucks needed a big shot, and they got one from Brandon Jennings! Jennings then stole the ball and made a great pass, after driving to the hoop and drawing all the defense, to Bogut who had a wide open lay up to tie it. Only one problem though - HE MISSED IT. That put an end to the Bucks chances in this game as who else but Steve Nash made a 10 foot runner to ice it and crush the chances of a great come back.

Lets check out some highlights from this tough 105-101 loss Monday night.

* Hakim Warrick was in heaven playing a fast paced no defensive game. This guy keeps earning more and more playing time every game. Warrick had his third double double of the season finishing with 21 points and 10 rebounds. This will earn him the Bucks POTG for Monday night.

* Luke Ridnour and Brandon Jennings had nice games combined. The two guards finished with 31 points, 15 assists, and 6 rebounds. I always like when these guys are on the court at the same time. The play very well together and it seems that Jennings speed really creates open shots for Ridnour who has just been on fire.

* Twenty-two and counting. That is how many times the Bucks have gone to Phoenix only to leave with a big L. I really don't know if this will every change.

* 101 points seems good, but the problem with that is it took 101 shots to get to that total. Just a ridiculous amount of shots by the Bucks Monday night.

* Scott Skiles was taken to the hospital before the game for precautionary purposes due to an irregular heart beat. We would like to send our wishes out to Scott Skiles and we hope he is doing fine.

* Damn Canadians. Steve Nash had an awesome game for the Suns as I said above. He finished with 30 points, 11 assists and 7 rebounds. I have no choice but to give him the Hunter of the Night award for putting up numbers like that.

Overall I like what I saw in this game despite the loss. After just tanking in L.A. the night before the Bucks come out cold to start the first but don't give up. They also put up 101 points in their first game without Redd showing that scoring wasn't a problem tonight, but it could be in the future. The Bucks will need the bench to step it up like they did Monday. Up next on this road trip is going to be the Portland Trail Blazers. Lets hope that we slow down Brandon Roy and the boys to get our first win on this road trip. Click the link below for the rest of the box scores from the game.


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