Monday, January 11, 2010

Redd = Out For Season. Surprise Factor = Zero.

I found out this news before I wrote my post about the Bucks losing to the Lakers, but I wanted to refrain from the cliche "Not only did the Bucks lose the game, but they lost a whole lot more" transition. And, there it is anyway. But seriously, are you telling me Michael Redd is out for the season again? What is with this guy and his injury prone body? And why are the Bucks so bad that an injury to Michael Redd is actually going to be a devastating blow to any potential playoff chances?

Redd suffered a torn MCL and a torn ACL in the Bucks loss to Los Angeles on Sunday, which will undoubtedly sideline him for the rest of the season. Kudos to Redd for trying to fight through these injuries year after year, and here's what he told the Journal Sentinel earlier this season: "I've been in funks before, but this is a little different. I'll find my way out of it... I hate to put any excuses on it. We all know what I came back from. I'll keep fighting. I won't dwell on the negative...I've just got to keep playing, keep playing, keep playing, and it will click."

Sure Michael, or it will get busted up again. Conversely, the following is an interview exclusively to The Bucky Channel, as I actually just got off the phone from Michael Redd and here's what he had to say about his injury: "Yeah Winks, I'm hurt pretty bad. You know, once again I heard that there were rumors about me getting traded and just like I did last year, I decided to get hurt because I'm pretty comfortable playing for a team with low expectations so that I don't have to try too hard. All the while, I'm banking on a contract that I earned after one good season because the small market team I was playing for was desperate to keep someone that people outside of that market of heard of. So yeah, I'm living the good life right now. Also, have fun with your poorly written blog that you rarely proofread, you underachieving Bill Simmons wannabe."



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