Thursday, January 21, 2010

That's Big Ten Basketball, Baby

I love the Big Ten as much as the next guy, but man can this conference deliver some duds sometimes. Wednesday night's game between the Wisconsin Badgers and Michigan Wolverines was a poster child for those kind of games, as the Badgers won a snoozer 54-48. Things picked up in the second half a little bit, but this was a game where the Badgers went on an 8-0 run to end the first half, and were still down 21-18 at the break.

The Badgers started off the game ice cold, going 1-for-13 in the first nine minutes of the game. Against most teams, the Badgers chances might have been over. But Michigan isn't very good, so... yeah. Wisconsin was able to stay in the game at least during that point and then break away in the second half.

Leading the charge, as usual lately, was senior Trevon Hughes. He finished with 20 points on the night, 16 of which came in the second half. Hughes has a knack for stepping up when the Badgers need him to, and that helped lead them to the victory. Rob Wilson also chipped in nicely, putting up a career-high 13 points.

Next up for the Badgers is Penn State, game time set for 1:30 this Sunday.


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