Sunday, January 17, 2010

These Playoffs Are Annoying Me

I received a text from my brother earlier today asking me if this year's NFL Playoffs were indeed the worst playoffs ever, and I have to say that the answer is likely going to be yes. From the Packers losing in the first round, to Rex Ryan earning a trip to the AFC Championship, and of course to Favre and his Pants on the Ground bullshit, it's been a pretty lame playoffs. And depending on what happens this upcoming weekend, it very well could be the worst NFL season of all-time.

With the Vikings blowout of the Cowboys this weekend, Brett Favre is now just two games away from a Super Bowl title, in which case this blog will cease to exist, because my life will cease to exist as well. I know that joking about things like this isn't funny, but that's the thing - I'm not joking.

Anyways, not only is Favre seemingly deciding not to tank in the playoffs like he did with the Packers for the last decade, but somehow the New York Jets are doing their very best to ruin the integrity of the playoffs. Technically, the Jets did what they had to do to get into the tournament, but they way they backed in is a bit lame. Not to mention their coach Rex Ryan ripped on Charles Woodson, something which is not acceptable in any fathomable way.

At this point, I guess it would be pretty sweet to see Brett Favre and the Vikings lose another Super Bowl either to Peyton Manning or Favre's former fling the Jets, but I really don't want him getting that far. The Saints need to win next weekend, and if they don't the pages of this blog are going to be blurred with my tears for weeks to come. Favre in the Super Bowl would not only mean there would be two weeks of Favre loving in the media, but that would put him just 60 minutes away from winning a ring with the rival Vikings.

I know I'm not really saying anything new in this point, just felt like bitching. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't knock on the Jets...yes the way they got in was pretty unfair and I don't think the Bengals were too tough to beat but their defense was pretty damn amazing yesterday and they beat the Chargers pretty legit.

But besides that game, yeah what a terrible divisonal round. Those games were not even close and we had to suffer through Favre actually putting in a good playoff performance (although the MN defense that was in Romo's face lal day probably had more to do with it). God I wish the wheels would just fall off that team already. Go Saints.

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