Thursday, January 7, 2010

Things Looking Better for Marquette and Wisconsin

So far this season, I've felt that while their records were a bit different, Marquette and Wisconsin have been facing similar circumstances this season. Both had strong seasons last year, but after losing a few key starters neither was predicted to do much damage. So far, Wisconsin has knocked off a few of the top programs in college basketball, but Marquette hasn't been able to do so. But on Wednesday night, that finally changed.

After losing consecutive games to Top Ten teams last week, I wondered if the losses would discourage Marquette from learning how to win the big game. Apparently that wasn't the case, as Marquette not only won a big game but a close game as well as they knocked off #12 Georgetown by a score of 62-59. David Cubillan, yet another college basketball player I've never heard of, lead the Golden Eagles in scoring with 18 points to help Marquette improve to a 10-5 record. Probably not enough to get them ranked just yet, but a huge win once the tournament organizers try to work out the seedings.

Marquette was able to do something that the Badgers couldn't on Wednesday, as Bucky lost a tough one to Michigan State 54-49. The Spartans came into the game as the 11th best team in the country (depending which poll you look at of course), although the Badgers did manage to keep it close for most of the game. One problem for the Badgers was that out of the ten guys that saw the floor, only five of them put the ball through the net. Hell, the five that didn't score only took six shots total. Out of the scorers though, Jon Leuer lead the way with 19 points.

At this point in the season, I think it's far to say that any doubt about whether these teams will make the tournament should be removed. Games like these - win or lose - will not only help them get into the postseason, but help them advance quite far in it as well. Yeah, that was a stupid last line, but it's hard to write articles after not watching either game. Forgive me.


Tony Brown said...

The Badgers played pretty poorly - killed on the boards, couldn't handle the pick and roll, turned it over more than usual, Jarmusz played more than Nankivil - but they still were in the game against last years NCAA finalist, so that bodes well for the rest of the season.

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