Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome Back, Doug Davis

There are few things that I like more in sports than when one of your former players comes back for a second go around, and that's happening again for Doug Davis. Of course, the situation is usually better when the player still has some life left in him, and with Doug Davis that is definitely the case. Davis will fill an obvious need in the Brewers rotation as someone that doesn't, you know, suck, as Melvin signed him to a potential two-year deal.

It's a great signing, he brings us depth at a position where we need one, a position that will likely make or break this team as it has done for the past two seasons. This year he'll make $4.25 million with room for incentives, and next year there is an option for $6.5 million. Not bad a signing both in terms of the type of pitcher he is and the financial aspect. Melvin has been trying to get Davis back to Milwaukee pretty much ever since he traded him away, so it's good to see that his patience paid off.

Another move I'm on board with is the re-signing of Todd Coffey. I wasn't sure if they were going to try to hang onto Coffey, but he's been nothing but solid for the Brewers since he came here before the postseason in 2008. He signed for slightly over $2 million, and I feel that the Brewers are spending their money wisely. Good moves all around today.

Melvin has done historically well at not having to go to arbitration, but three guys still remain to be signed. Dave Bush, Carlos Villaneuva, and Corey Hart's futures are all still up in the air, but expect Melvin to settle those soon as well. I can't say I'm against any moves Melvin has made this offseason, from trading Hardy, to signing Wolf, and to the Davis acquisition. Good work so far.


Unknown said...

Not sure if I like this signing. Davis walks way too many guys and I could see him posting an ERA around 5 which is sadly just a little better than Soup and had we kept Looper. This better move Soup to the bullpen or else this signing was stupid.

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