Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Woodson Gets the Respect He Deserves

I may hate Brett Favre, but the fact that we only won one Super Bowl with him in his prime is kind of a disappointment. Favre used to be a decent quarterback back in the day, and to only win one title with him was a waste of his talents (I guess we could have won another in 2007 if he didn't quit in the NFC Championship Game, but I digress). I bring that up because I sort of feel the same way about Charles Woodson. If we have one of the greatest defensive players of our generation and can't bring home any hardware with him, that would be pretty disappointing as well.

Woodson, however, will be bringing home some hardware as he's been named this year's Defensive Player of the Year. The award should come as no surprise, as Woodson was the NFL Defensive Player of the Month three out of four times this season, although that still didn't stop the ever-increasing douchebag Rex Ryan from trying to knock Woodson down a few pegs (seriously, weak). Still, Woodson no doubt deserved the award, finishing the season with nine interceptions with three of them going back for touchdowns. He's also a Pro Bowl starter, and the first Packer to win the award since Reggie White in 1998.

It's a nice consolation for Woodson, who said he was having a dream about the Super Bowl before someone woke him up to tell him about the honor. You worry that as Woodson gets older - he's 33 - sooner or later the skills will start to diminish. But Woodson has been the opposite, a player that only gets better with age. Here's to hoping we can grab a Super Bowl title with him while that fact is still true.


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