Sunday, February 7, 2010

Badgers Beat Michigan on Court and on Ice

If you're someone who isn't too particularly fond of the Michigan Wolverines, then Saturday was a pretty good day for you. Not only did the Badgers basketball team beat their squad by eighteen, but the Wolverines hockey team also lost to Wisconsin, albeit in a more dramatic fashion. All in all, it was a lot better to be a Badger fan than a Wolverine fan this weekend.

The game played indoors wasn't really ever one that was contested as the Badgers beat Michigan 62-44. This was a game where everything seemed to go right for the #16 Badgers, so much to the point that when Jason Bohannon threw up a prayer at the buzzer to end the first half, it actually went in the hoop. Bohannon would lead the Badgers with 18 points on the day, while Trevon Hughes added 14 and Jordan Taylor chipped in with 13 points.

The win capped off a very impressive week for the Badgers, who also took down Michigan State earlier in the week. When the rankings come out on Monday, I'd expect to maybe be somewhere near the number twelve spot, but we'll see.

The Badgers hockey win didn't come quite as easy, but Wisconsin was able to pull off a nice victory in front of more than 57,000 people at Camp Randall Stadium. After going down 2-1 to the Wolverines, the Badgers were able to score two goals in the last four minutes to earn the win. Usually Badgers hockey isn't at the top of my watch list, which is why I like that the Badgers are able to pull off a game like this. Not just to get me to watch a game during the season, but to drum up interest in arguably the university's most successful sports program that sometimes goes under the radar.

Not the best day for the Wolverines, but a great day for the Badgers.


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