Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Badgers Stay Dominant at Kohl Center

I don't know what it is about the Kohl Center, but this season more than ever the Badgers are looking about as dominant as you can get inside that building. Already knocking off Duke and Purdue at home when they were both ranked in the top ten, the Badgers did it yet again, destroying #5 Michigan State by an impressive score of 67-49.

The Badgers came out firing early, and from there they out-shot, out-hustled, and maintained possession of the ball better than the Spartans could and came away with a statement victory. Jason Bohannon led the Badgers in scoring with 19 points in this one, with Jordan Taylor right behind him at 17 points. My boy Keaton Nankivil chipped in with 11, which was also the highest scoring output by any Spartan. Their top player, Kalin Lucas, only had seven points as he was knocked out of the contest with an ankle injury. Oh well for him.

Just as I was talking earlier this week about how hard it is for Bucky to win at Purdue, it's been difficult lately for Michigan State to get any sort of an edge in the Kohl Center. The Badgers can play well on the road, we've seen that, but they just bring it to a whole new level on their own campus, and that building has to be one of the top ten, maybe top five, toughest places to play in college hoops right now. Don't believe me? Just ask Duke, Purdue, and now Michigan State.

As great as this win was for the Badgers, it's almost even more demoralizing for Michigan State. This, from the Spartan fan site The Only Colors: Three hours ago we were undefeated in Big Ten play, up 3 games on the entire league, entering a game with our arch-rival, who was missing its best player. At this moment, we are quite decidedly no longer undefeated in Big Ten play, up just 2 games (in the loss column) on 4 different teams, staring down two very difficult games--very likely without our best player.

Not bad, especially considering the name of their post is "Worst. Game. Ever."

Next up for the Badgers is a contest in Michigan, a team that is so bad they just lost to Northwestern on Tuesday night. The Badgers should have no problem against the Wolverines (at least one would hope), and they could be sniffing the top ten in the rankings come next Monday. Great showing for Bucky, and at this point I'm starting to think anything less than an Elite Eight appearance might be a disappointment.

In other news, I'm not going to write a full-blown recap on it like I did in the past, but thank goodness Lost is back. Season six already has a very different feel to it, as not only are we getting the present-day storyline but also what appears to be a "what-if" storyline as well. I have no idea where this thing is headed, but I'm glad it's back. Good stuff all around Tuesday night.


Anonymous said...

Dear Winks,

I've never watched Lost before last night's episode. However, I have a vast knowledge of movies and tv shows involving time travel such as Back to the Future, Butterfly Effect, Frequency, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, your favorite: Journeyman, and so on...

Clearly the people on the plane are living in a alternate or parallel dimension. Doc Brown explains it well in Back to the Future. Just ask Fred Bear to explain it to you. He can also explain string theory to you.

Go Badgers.

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