Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bucks Smoke Heat, Blow Game Against Hawks

The Bucks split the weekend dip, but really should have finished the weekend 2-0. Saturday afternoon the Bucks played in Miami. Not really sure why they played a Saturday afternoon game, but the way they played during that game leads me to believe they should play Saturday matinees more often. The game didn't look like it would be easy until the third quarter when the Bucks played awesome defense, also outscoring the Heat 25-12 in the quarter. They continued that momentum into the fourth, and because of the big lead they were able to sit their starters to rest up for Sunday's game.

Lets check out some highlights from the 94-71 win over the Heat.

* Brandon Jennings had a nice game finding guys cutting to the hoop. He finished the game with 11 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds, and ZERO turnovers. The turnover stat is the one that really stood out. Always a plus if your point guard can play 30 minutes and not turn the ball over. Lets give him the Bucks POTG for Saturday.

* John Salmons was doing work again for the Bucks. He finished with a team high 18 points and he also had 5 assists. The guy just keeps doing work for the Bucks. The thing I really like about his game is that he can score both inside and out.

* Stackhouse was big off the bench scoring 16 points. I guess I really haven't been give him much love on here, but the Bucks are now 14-5 since they signed Stackhouse. A guy like Stack can help you on the court, but I really feel off the court he is doing a great job with the guys. He knows how to win, I mean he did go to UNC.

* The Bucks made 10 three pointers to the Heats three. That's a 30-9 point advantage just on three pointers. The Heat also looked lost without Wade on the court.

* Jermaine O'Neal I guess had the best game for the Heat. He finished with 14 points, and 5 rebounds. He is just not the player he used to be, but lets give him the Hunter of the Night award.

These are the games the Bucks need to win as they fight for a playoff spot. They are now 3-0 against the Heat this season, and will look for the four game sweep on March 26 at the BC. That will be my second Bucks game of the season. Lets hope I can push my record to 2-0 for the season. for the rest of the box scores click the link below.

They weekend wasn't over, as on Sunday the Bucks had a huge test as they faced the Hawks for the first time all season. This is a team that they matched up against well, but just got out to an awful start Sunday. They got down early 14-5 so Skiles decided to bring a few bench players in. That's when the Bucks started clicking. Stackhouse and Salmons were the two guys that worked well together, which shows you just how much they've been able to improve as of late. The Bucks fought back to have a two point lead at halftime.

The second half was just like the first, as the Bucks started off slow. The difference between the first and the second half was that the Hawks started the second half slow too. So the Bucks fell behind a little, but would fight back. They trailed by one after the third quarter. The tight score gave this game a real playoff feel, so I think it was good for the Bucks that way.

At the 4:15 mark in the fourth quarter, Stackhouse made a two point shot to put the Bucks up 89-82. I thought this was when we were maybe going to put the dagger in, but the Bucks only scored three more points the rest of the quarter. Joe Johnson made a jumper that tied the game at 92 with 32 seconds left. This gave the Bucks another possession to win the game. They worked down low to Bogut, and it really seemed that he was just weak at the end of the game. He tried a hook shot that was no where near the hoop. Lucky for the Bucks Joe Johnson missed a jumper at the buzzer so this game was going to overtime.

In overtime Ridnour started things off with a three. Salmons made a 17 foot jumper that put the Bucks up five early in the OT, and it seemed like maybe the Bucks had more energy then the Hawks did. Well, this is when Joe Johnson went to work. Josh Smith made a layup, but after that Johnson scored the next nine points for the Hawks. The Bucks on the other hand could not find their shot. Also Bogut just didn't seem to be himself Sunday when working down low. He seemed to be real soft when we needed him. For that reason, I think Horford proved why he was an All-Star and Bogut wasn't.

The Bucks didn't give up without a fight though. Salmons hit a huge three that cut the Hawks lead to one. Crawford made both free throws, so Milwaukee needed another three. Salmons got a look, but it really wasn't close.

Lets check out some highlights from the hard 106-102 OT defeat against Atlanta.

* John Salmons was on fire Sunday night. He finished with 32 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists. Good game for John "Will you ever smile?" Salmons. A game like that is a no brainer - Bucks POTG.

* Jerry Stackhouse had another good game for the Bucks. He had 20 points and 4 rebounds. He did miss a three late in regulation that would have given the Bucks the win. He has been a great sixth man since we have signed him 20 games ago.

* Not sure why but Jennings only played 26 minutes, while Ridnour played 27. Ridnour also played late in the fourth, and the whole overtime. Early in the game maybe the second quarter Jennings had back to back steals for the Bucks that lead to fast break points. He was not a factor in the third so maybe this is why he was not in late. Lets hope that he doesn't let this bother him down the stretch run.

* Bogut did get another block to add to his streak for 23 straight games. This ties my boy Ervin Johnson for the Bucks record for most games in a row with a block. Had to throw that stat out with my boy Ervin.

* Joe Johnson scored nine points in overtime. I know looking at the stats Josh Smith had the best game for the Hawks, but Johnson is going to get the Hunter of the Night. He finished with 24 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists.

This was a tough one that I feel the Bucks let slip away. This is a game that we had in control, but just could not finish it. These are games that they need to learn how to win, because if this team is to make the playoffs these are going to be the type of teams they play. Conversely, it was good see them go on the road against a one of the top teams in the East and not get blown out. They still play the Hawks two more times, so lets hope they can figure our how to seal the deal next time they play Atlanta. Next up are the Wizards Wednesday for the Bucks. For the rest of the box scores click the link below.


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I like Jennings as much as the next guy, but let's face it, Ridnour is downright amazing.

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