Monday, February 1, 2010

Bucks Sweep Home and Home

The Bucks got off to a very slow start Monday night, but the game ended the same as Saturday night. After Dwyane Wade started the game on an 11-0 run by himself, itt seemed as if the Bucks might be in for a long night. The Bucks started the game 0-10 from the field, but once Bogut hit the first bucket for the Bucks the cover was taken off the basket for the night. Milwaukee fought back to have a four point lead after the first quarter 21-17.

The second quarter was again where the Bucks just opened up a huge lead. Thirty-three has been the lucky number for the Bucks in the second quarter against the Heat this year. The Bucks had control the whole quarter, but really took off with 2:34 left in the half. They finished the half on a 10-2 run to give themselves a 54-38 lead.

The Bucks again, like they did Saturday night, just played to the Heat's pace in the second half. They never really ran up the score, but they also never let Miami back in the game. The closest the game got was when the Heat cut the lead to 10. That's when Milwaukee decided to get hot from downtown. Delfino made a three followed by two deep balls from Charlie Bell. All of that happened in a one minute span. After that I think the Heat felt that they just couldn't catch a break against the Bucks.

Lets check out some highlights from this 97-81 beating by the Bucks.

* Andrew Bogut put up his 2oth double double of the season. When Bogut puts up number like he did Monday night the Bucks have a good chance at winning the game. He finished the game with 22 points and 11 rebounds. From the start of last season, the Bucks are 11-1 when Andrew has a 20-10 games. So that just tells you that they will most likely win games when he has a 20-10 game. Lets give Bogut the Bucks POTG for Monday night.

* Carlos Delfino started the game 0-4 from the field. Well it is not how you start, but how you finish. He finished the game with 16 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals Monday night. Delfino has taken advantage of his time in the starting line up with Redd out.

* Warrick was another spark off the bench Monday night. His +/- was again good Monday night with a +16. He also had 12 points, and 6 rebounds. He has bring energy to the court for the Bucks, which they need every night. Always a good thing to see from your bench players.
* Milwaukee is now 9-7 since the beginning of 2010, maybe this is the year of the Bucks.

* Dwyane Wade really did get off to a great start Monday night. After his 11 straight points he only scored 12 the rest of the game. If you play Wade in back to back games, and he only scores 44 points, you have to be proud of your teams defensive effort. Wade loves to get the line, and he did 7 times when he scored the first 11 points of the game. The Bucks found a way to stop it the rest of the game when he only got to the line twice more the rest of the game. Wade finished with 23 points, 6 assists, and 4 steals. Again by default he earns the Hunter of the Night.

With the win, the Bucks pull to within two games of the Heat for the eight seed in the playoff race. I know playing for the eight seed isn't something teams should be happy about, but Milwaukee has gone through some tough injuries this year. I really like the heart that this team has right now, and it gives me a reason to watch these guys play night in and night out.

The only negative thing about a win like this is the Bucks have no time to celebrate this one. They are going right back at it again Tuesday night against the Orlando Magic. This will be a tough match up for the Bucks, but right now the Magic are not just crushing teams every night. So maybe the Bucks can catch the Magic off guard and steal one in Orlando. For the rest of the box scores from Monday nights win click the link below.


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