Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Guess the Deal Wasn't Final

So instead of Kurt Thomas, I guess it's Hakim Warrick that is being shipped to Chicago instead of Francisco Elson. That is a great move for the Bucks, I said sarcastically. Lets give up a guy that can run, dunk, shoot, and play defense. I guess I forgot how Thomas is such a key to this team getting into the playoffs. I really like Warrick, he always plays with heart and works hard down low. I know he can have a rough night shooting here and there, but he has a lot of energy and that's something this teams needs at times. I guess the Bucks were working another deal to trade him anyway, but that failed so late last night they took Kurt out of the deal and put Warrick in it.

Not only was Thomas taken back, but Elson also means soooooooooo much to this team that we couldn't give him up either. Instead we traded our 8th pick in the draft in 2008. I won't lie I hate Joe Alexander, but I would have hoped we could have got more for him. I guess the main problem here is that we didn't take Brooke Lopez in the 2008 draft. Either way we are stuck with John Salmons who I don't have a problem with, but I just think the guys we traded could have got us a guy like T-Murphy or Al Harrington.

Hopefully the Bucks don't make any more ill-advised trades today. Dot dot dot.


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