Monday, February 22, 2010

Miller Comes Up Huge Against Canada

Every huge American hockey win from now until the end of time is going to be compared in some way, shape, or form to the Miracle on Ice back in 1980, and no hockey win will ever come close. But this weekend's win against Canada was pretty damn impressive, and there's no denying that. Any hockey win against the games' founders in Canada is going to be an achievement, but beating Canada on their home ice in the Olympics is about as big of a win as you'll ever get outside of a Cold War situation.

The star of the game? Look no further than Ryan Miller, my boy from the Buffalo Sabres. As a newly minted Sabres fan, Miller was the first person on that team that I could really identify, but I've been getting nervous about his play lately. He's been logging a lot of minutes for Buffalo and was the netminder when the Sabres went on a recent losing streak. But Miller come up big on Sunday, stopping 42 shots including holding the Canadies scoreless at the end of the game in an attack Scott Van Pelt said looked like something straight out of a video game. He did let three goals behind him, but the U.S. had five, and they've earned the number one seed going forward.

Next up for the Americans is a matchup against the winner of the Switzerland/Belarus matchup, taking place this Wednesday at 2pm Wisconsin time. It's likely the game will again be broadcast on MSNBC as it was on Sunday night. The biggest American hockey game in thirty years was left out of a national primetime slot and instead broadcast on a liberal news network. Nice job with these Olympics, NBC.


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