Saturday, February 13, 2010

Old Man River Beats The Young Buck

Steve Nash was too much for the young guns Saturday night in the Taco Bell Skills Challenge. Derrick Rose was the defending champ, but was out because of an ankle injury. He was replaced by Russell Westbrook who led things off, but took 44. 1 seconds to finish the challenge which is a bit too long. Next up was our own Brandon Jennings, who was doing awesome till the long pass part. He went to work right away doing everything else in one shot. The four to five tries it took him though during the long pass portion cost him a chance to go to the second round. He finished with a good first run time of 35.7 seconds.

Steve Nash went third, and just beat Jennings time when he finished it in 35 seconds flat. The last hope was Deron Williams to take longer than 35.7 seconds. He looked like he was going to struggle a little, but nailed the long pass part and finished in 33.4 seconds. So that set up a final between Williams and Nash. Good showing by Jennings though, and I think he is the type of player that will win this sometime in his career should he get another chance.

In the Finals though, Nash came out on fire. He set the bar high with a 29.9 second run. It really put all the pressure on Williams with a tough time for him to beat. Deron stepped up to the table right away and just smoked past the first few obstacles, until he too got owned by the long pass. His first attempt looked good and he was half way to the next ball when he noticed it bounced out. That threw off his timing, and also his chances of winning the event. That cleared the way for Mr. Nash to walk away with the title. Overall it was a cool event, but it kind of sucks that they only get one run at it. Maybe something they should think about changing down the line to make it more exciting.

Cant complain about the All-Star Weekend though for Jennings. He looked good in everything he did, well except for maybe the new haircut. The only thing the hair did do for him was get him a new nickname, Gumby, and it gave people a reason to watch/talk about him. I think he handled himself well, and it seemed that he really got along with other players well too. Good to see that all this hasn't gone to his head.


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