Saturday, February 6, 2010

Poor, Poor Vikings Fans

Oh, Vikings fans. When will you learn? Every time the Favre retirement talk comes up, I think back to one day in particular. A handful of friends and I were headed to the final Packers game of the regular season, and the speculation was rampant that this would, in fact, be Brett Favre's last game in the NFL. My buddies and I debated about whether or not Favre would actually retire, and I claimed that there was no way he would be done. But after the game, he walked off the field in tears, giving what seemed to be one final salute to the crowd and walked through the tunnel for seemingly the last time.

That was in 2005.

Yes, a lot has happened since Favre walked off the field to conclude the Packers disappointing 4-12 season, and ever since then it's been a "Will He or Won't He?" scenario every offseason. Hell, the guy has actually retired twice but he's still around, and the speculation is already starting to develop about whether or not he'll play one more season. Thankfully, as Packers fans, we're finally out of the hell that is the Brett Favre offseason saga, and we're no longer hanging on the every words of his brother Scott.

But while we're spared from this, our neighbors to the west are having a hard time going through their first Favre offseason. While the feelings of Vikings fans were mixed when Favre first signed with them last year, the consensus seems to be that they want Favre back, and they'll go to great lengths to make sure that happens. Of course there are countless Facebook groups trying to bring him back (but there's a Facebook group for everything, really), but the main attention-grabber seems to be the billboards that are going up for Favre.

A group called Vikes Fans 4 Favre have purchased a billboard outside his home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi that they hope will convince him to come back for another season. The group is also looking to purchase signs in Miami (for the Super Bowl), Minnesota, and even here in Wisconsin for some reason. They are also looking to buy ads in the newspaper and even on television. Here's the groups mission statement:

The mission of vikesfans4favre is to thank Brett Favre, for the tremendous year he gave us in Minnesota, and to get him back as "OUR" quarterback for 1 more year. Brett gave a new perspective to the game of football, and a new sense of hope to Vikings fans, old, and new. He is a natural leader, great mentor, and a genuine guy. These traits are what make him the great person we all fell in love with. That is why this site has been created. For the fans, by the fans. This is where they can speak, and their voices will be heard. Our job is to make everyone aware of what is going on, and how we can show, and tell Brett that we REALLY, REALLY want him back in Minnesota for 2010.

To that I say, good luck. I mean, I get the allure of Brett Favre and why it's easy to fall in love with him at first. He plays hard, get always gets up after being knocked down, and his demeanor makes you feel like you've known him all your life. But at the end of the day, he's an egotistical maniac that can't come through in the clutch. If you really want him back, Minnesota, go right ahead. I agree, he's all "YOURS".

(Sidebar: I have no idea why I keep writing about Favre. I hate him so much, yet I keep pumping out Favre articles week after week. But I needed some content for today, so there we go. Sigh.)


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