Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Quick Super Bowl Prediction

Still recovering from an insane attack of bloatedness and a rough go of things at Potawatomi, I've regained consciousness for a few moments which should give me enough time to throw out a half-assed Super Bowl prediction (more on that later in the week). To me, the best thing about this Super Bowl is that I really don't care who wins. Over the years, I've become quite a Peyton Manning homer, but on the same token I'm still pretty appreciative of the Saints knocking the Vikings out of the playoffs. Hell, I'm even wearing a Saints NFC Championship Shirt right now, but I only bought that during the euphoria that was seeing Favre lose.

With that said, one of these teams is going to win this thing, and a lot of the predictions I've been seeing are putting both the Saints and Colts in the 30-point range with their final scores being just a few points apart. Colts 38, Saints 35 or Saints 35, Colts 31 seem to be the most popular sort of predictions. Part of me isn't sure that the game is going to be that close, but I can agree with a high scoring affair.

Lately in Super Bowls, the first quarter or so has been pretty boring as the teams are still trying to settle in to the groove of playing on the NFL's biggest stage. The scoring outbursts then usually take place in the second half. I'd expect that trend to continue, and at the end of the day I see the master technician of a quarterback that is Peyton Manning to hoist another Lombardi Trophy. The Saints seem happy to be here, while the Colts expected to be here. The Colts purposely through away an undefeated season just to get here, and I don't see them losing this game.

We've been treated to some pretty awesome Super Bowls lately, and I don't see this one being short on the entertainment. But it won't be as close as some people are expecting, as Manning will seal the deal around the start of the fourth quarter. Prediction: Colts 45, Saints 34


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