Monday, February 8, 2010

Quick Super Bowl Thoughts

* For the most part, the Super Bowls have been pretty solid throughout the last decade, barring the Tampa Bay and Baltimore victories. This latest Super was no exception, as the Saints beat the Colts 31-17 in a pretty entertaining game. It was a typical feel each other out kind of game in the first half, but you could sense a change in the air after the Saints onside kick, a play which resulted in the most intense scrum for a football ever. Kudos to former Wisconsin linebacker Jonathan Casillas for recovering the onside kick.

* Play of the game other than that was no doubt the interception return for a touchdown by Tracy Porter, one of my favorite players in the NFL after his pick off of Brett Favre last week. Gotta feel good for that guy right now.

* We were trying to think of headlines that websites would put up after the game, and none of them topped what Yahoo! came up with: "Lombardi Gras".

* There were zero good Super Bowl commercials this year, which may or may not be due to the fact that there was no appearance from MacGruber this season. Super Bowl commericals usually include one of the following things - talking babies, animals, and hot chicks - and never to good results. Bud Light commericals get worse ever year, by the way. Actually, I did kind of like a quick Miller High Life spot where local businesses were highlighted, and not to be a queer but I thought the Google one was cute. The best commercial was actually a CBS promo for The Late Show, which got Dave Letterman and Jay Leno together with Oprah Winfrey. Good stuff there, but overall lacking in the comedy department.

* The Super Bowl is going to be so much cooler next year, when Aaron Rodgers is playing the role of Drew Brees and collecting his Super Bowl MVP trophy.


Unknown said...

haha how about the book club commercial that was gold. You know you would go to a book club to hit on chicks and tell the hottest one "I would like to hear you read some words"

Unknown said...

gotta say this:

was the best super bowl commercial, and it was created by the nfl, weak showing by the rest of the worlds' ad wizards.

and not just b/c the song is by indie rockers arcade fire, who i know wynx likes, and now udee doesn't cause he found out someone else likes them.


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