Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quick Thoughts on Corey Hart

Okay, what? Doug Melvin has gone to arbitration zero times in his career, and the first guy to ever make him go there is Corey Hart? And Corey Hart WINS???????? What the hell is wrong with that system?

Now the salary difference between what Melvin was willing to pay ($4.15 million) wasn't that different from what Hart ended up getting ($4.8 million), but just the fact that he won was a little surprising to me. Hart hasn't been very good at all since he appeared in an All-Star game two years ago, but apparently the arbitrators thought that his talent was deserving of a higher salary than what we were offering.

Even though from a way outsiders perspective I disagree with this decision, I'll accept it and move on. I actually wouldn't have minded Corey Hart going the way of J.J. Hardy this offseason. I've always been a Hart fan and still wear an All-Star shirt of his proudly, but he's just been too much of a disappointment lately. But the arbitrators saw something in him this weekend, let's just hope he now delivers.


Nick said...

Agreed...Corey kind of pisses me off now, yeah he was a powerhouse back in 2008, but not even all of 2008! I don't see him suddenly finding his stroke and expect him to post up like .250/.280/.320 or something with like 10 homers. Plus his outfield defense sucks, especially if you see him in person, he aaaalways runs the wrong way at first!! Bring back Catman!!

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