Monday, February 8, 2010

Suggestions For Selig Statue

He may not be the most loved man in baseball, but without him, there are no Milwaukee Brewers. That alone is reason enough to be forever grateful to Allan H. (Bud) Selig, and that is why I have no problem with the Brewers deciding to erect a statue in his honor outside of Miller Park. The statue will be unveiled on August 24th, and the speculation is rampant as to what Bud's pose will be. Allow us to give the Brewers a few suggestions.

Congrats, Bud. Even though your tenure as commissioner hasn't gone perfect, we know you've always had the best interest of the game in mind. And we're thankful that you worked so hard to get the Brewers to Milwaukee. Still, we ask of you one more thing. Any chance your statue could fall on your daughter Wendy at the unveiling ceremony?


Wade Bates said...

I'm all for the All-Star "I dont know what the hell to do" pose

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