Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Three Point Party Kills the Bucks

No, not the number three, but rather three point baskets. The only bad part about this three point party is that the Bucks never got an invite. The Rockets went to work in the second half from downtown to take control of this game. I saw at half the Bucks were only down 57-52, but when the next time I glanced at the screen they were down 89-63 (incredibly, I was working out during this game). Even more incredibly, the Bucks got outscored 43-14 in the third quarter. That took away any chances of the Bucks getting off to a good start in the second half of the season.

Milwaukee started off ice cold Wednesday night. Brandon Jennings scored the first 9 points of the game for the Bucks. Milwaukee started to find its stroke after that, but still only put up 20 points in the first quarter. The game was tied after the first quarter at twenty.

Like I said before the game was still close at halftime, with the Bucks only trailing by 5 points. The second quarter was more of a team effort as more guys added in on the scoring effort, and with that things were looking okay for the Bucks at half. It would have been nice to get off to a good start at home in the second half, but the Rockets would go on to win 127-99.

Lets check out some highlights from game.

* Luc Richard Mbah a Moute continues to do well. He finished with 18 points, and 8 rebounds. It would be nice for him to a be a 15 and 8 guy everynight. I really think he is starting to get the hang of the NBA game. That will earn him the Bucks POTG for Wednesday night.

* Hakim Warrick was the only Buck not to see the floor. Not sure what is going on there. I hope to God that he is not in the dog house with Skiles, but I really think he needs to play every night. He really needs to play when we are getting crushed in the fourth.

* So... about the Rockets hitting all those tray balls. They finished the game 16-23 from downtown on the game. Milwaukee only made 5 three pointers. That is a 33 point difference in just three point shots. Not going to win many games when that happens.

* Shane Battier had a huge game for Houston. He finished with a double double scoring 20 points, 10 rebounds, and making all 6 of the threes he took. Not the guy you thought was going to kill the Bucks Wednesday, but that is what happened. Battier will win the Hunter of the Night award for Wednesday night.

* Aaron Brooks also finished with a double double. He scored 15 points, and he had 12 assists. I thought the Jennings vs Brooks matchup would have been cooler, but Jennings left the game in the first with an apparent injury. He just never seemed the same when he came back into the game.

Not the way the Bucks wanted to start the second half of the season. I guess if anything good did come out of the night the Bucks made a trade. John Salmons is now a Milwaukee Buck. Kurt Thomas and Fransico Elson are now Chicago Bulls. I guess for what we gave up this is a good move for the Bucks. We didn't give up anything big, and Salmons has up side. He is averaging 12.7 points a game, and 3.4 rebounds. Lets hope he can bring some wins to Milwaukee. I would also guess that the Bucks are not done because right now Dan Grab N' Reach is now our backup center. Click the link below for the rest of the box scores.

There they go, back in stadiums as Shady spits his flow....

* Programming Note: Winks will have his Winks Thinks posted sometime on Thursday afternoon, after he wakes up from yet another drunken slumber. Quite the champion, that guy.


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