Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Throwbacks in Packers Future?

Navy blue shirts with a small circular designation for the uniform number and gold pants may be coming to Lambeau Field sometime this season. According to Uni Watch, the Packers are looking at using their 1929 design for either a throwback uniform or perhaps even an alternative third jersey.

"Based on something I saw earlier, I’m almost certain the Packers will be wearing 1929 throwbacks. Those are dark blue jerseys with a dark blue numeral inside a gold circle over khaki pants and dark blue socks. Of course, per today’s uniform standards, the circle and numeral on the front would be much larger, and I believe the style guide showed a solid brown helmet with gray mask to simulate the leather ones some players wore in 1929."

It goes without saying that this would be awesome, as it's pretty rare for the Packers to ever deviate much from their usual home and away uniforms. Of course, I agree with Cheesehead TV that the uniforms they should be looking at bringing back would be the ones of the ACME Packers variety, although I'm still going to campaign that the Packers someday come out with a blaze orange alternate during the deer hunting weekend.


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