Monday, February 1, 2010

Time For Some Outrageous Super Bowl Bets

There are few days better for sports gamblers than the Super Bowl. Not only do you have the obvious bets such as winner, against the spread, and over/under, but the Super Bowl also provides a ton of other betting options as well. Lines are created from topics as random as which receiver will score a 40+ yard touchdown first in the second half, all the way to who will win the coin flip. One of the crazier bets out there, in my opinion, is that there is actually an over/under set on how long the national anthem will be at the Super Bowl.

This year's performer is Carrie Underwood (hot), and the over/under for how long she will take has been set at 1 minute, 42 seconds. Seems like a pretty random number, doesn't it? Actually, you should know as well as I do that none of these lines created by the bookies are created without first going through a meticulous process, and this line is no exception. Thankfully, we can trust on our good friends at Stock Lemon for situations just like this one. Not only are they going to take the under on this bet, but they've actually dug up no less than four Carrie Underwood national anthem videos as part of their evidence. The fact that Lemmy took this much time to figure out something like this is almost as ridiculous as the line existing in the first place. Take a look at his research, and best of luck.


Chris said...

Really? Gotta love gamblers. At least you up near the "miracle mile" now have another big pot, multi-state lottery to invest in. Let's welcome Mega Millions. Keep on buying those lottery tickets thus lowering my property tax. :)

Chris said...

Also: I like the new look of the banner, except; since when is the Packer's "G" not oblong, and c'mon M and barley please.

No disrespect to the ball and glove.

James said...

M and barley? Really, I guess I'll fix it up when I get time. I'm too bias to the glove. Also the

James said...

Also the Packer G, was just kinda to lack of space. Sent the updated version to Winks, should be up soon.

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