Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Update on the Future of Winks Thinks

Even though the SportsBubbler is done putting out new content, the question of what will happen to my Winks Thinks column still lingers on. I always liked writing it on the Bubbler because it gave us here a little more exposure, as the hits to that website far outweighed the traffic at The Bucky Channel. Ideally, I'd like to find a new outlet to continue writing that column, and I had planned on putting the column into retirement until I figured out what that possible outlet might be.

But then I remembered something. I hate when people go into retirement and then come back. That mantra has been one of the main lifelines of my hatred for Brett Favre, and I can't allow myself to go down that same path. Plus, there's been a lot of demand for Winks Thinks to continue (aka one of my friends asked me the other day if I was going to do it or not, but said they didn't care either way), so I've decided that Winks Thinks will continue right here on TBC.

Next week.

I guess I could have written a column today, although I didn't really plan on it and then when I started giving a thought to it, "Ghost Dad" came on and of course I had to watch that. I used to write the columns on Wednesday night and have them posted on Thursday morning, so let's plan on Thursdays to continue to be the day for new editions. I currently have Thursdays off from my real job, so I'll likely write the colums during the day and post them sometime in the afternoon. That'll be the plan for now, at least until my work schedule changes again (or until I get fired).

So if you came here hoping for a new column, I apologize I don't have anything ready for you. But make sure you bookmark the site, and check back next Thursday for a new article.

Thanks as always for reading.


Anonymous said...

Excellent, i was hoping you were going to continue the column. Were waiting to read it. POCW2 maybe??

Stock Lemon said...

If you ever want to write a sports betting related winks thinks... cross promo waiting to happen

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