Monday, February 22, 2010

Your Weekly Rankings Update

At 20-7, the Wisconsin Badgers are having a much better season than many people thought they would have. They have some tough losses on their resume - UW-Green Bay, at home against Illinois - but they've also beaten two teams that currently sit in the top five right now. With those up and downs, the Badgers fall about right where you'd expect them in this week's rankings - #17 in the Associated Press and #19 in the ESPN/USA Today coaches poll. All that's on the docket for Bucky this week is a game against Indiana, a game they better win.

Marquette is still unranked, but they garnered eleven votes in the AP Poll which shows some recognition is coming there way, although they still remain on the bubble. They have St. John's and Seton Hall this week, and two impressive wins there could shoot them into the rankings for the first time in awhile.

One other thing I wanted to bring up is that I am writing this during the latest episode of 24, something that I would have never done at any point in the last two years. This used to be my number one show, but it is so awful this season that I would rather write a post about the college rankings that you've probably seen already anyways. Seriously, I posted this at 8:30, halfway through the episode. Jack Bauer has been on screen for less than 90 seconds. This show is terrible, so terrible. Thank God we still have Monday Night Raw to watch after this!


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