Sunday, March 21, 2010

And There Goes Wisconsin

I'll spare you any Andy Bernard jokes here and get right to the point, and that is that you can add Cornell to the list of teams that have knocked Wisconsin out of the NCAA tournament. And how. Cornell stormed past the Badgers by a final score of 87-69, doing so by shooting 61% from the field while shooting 8-for-15 from beyond the arc. This was a game we were a bit worried about as Cornell does play a style of basketball similar to Wisconsin's - and they beat them at it.

It's been upset city this weekend in college basketball (even though I haven't made it my Facebook status yet, my bracket is done as well), so the Badgers should have been on a little heightened alert. They did get good performances out of Jon Leuer (23 points) and Jason Bohannon (18 points), but Trevon Hughes' game left a little to be desired (10 points). Fact of the the matter is though, they needed about 25 points a piece from each of these three guys if they were going to win this game, because there was no way in hell the Badgers were going to win a game in which the other team scores 87 points.

So instead of a much anticipated matchup with Kentucky this Thursday night, it will be the Badgers sitting at home with the rest of us watching March Madness. When you kind of take a look back at their season, it was a little similar to that of what we wanted out of Marquette. Both teams had strong moments in the regular season and did a little better than we expected of them, but in the end their tournament run was cut just a little too short. Would either of our teams had a legitimate shot at cutting down the nets? Probably not, but you do get the feeling that both their seasons ended just a little too soon.


Gweedo said...

Badgers got beat by Oak Tree no one can stop that offense.

Tony Brown said...

Very similar loss to the one in 08 against Davidson, just got straight ran through.

Anonymous said...

Sickening. They ran the same play at least 10 times and we did not adjust to stop it. So much for lockdown defense!

Bear said...

Absolutely 0 halftime adjustments... as much as I hate to say that, some of that lies on Bo Ryan. No doubt he had a scheme to stop what Cornell was running, but those kids either didnt understand it, see it or buy into it. Its a shame really. But props to Cornell for shooting the lights out in this game.

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