Monday, March 15, 2010

Bob Uecker Gets WWE Hall of Fame Nomination

Finally, a legitimate reason to talk wrestling on this website. In a rather unexpected move, the WWE has decided they'll be inducting Bob Uecker into their Hall of Fame. Uecker's affiliation with the WWE hasn't been that extravagant, as he was just an announcer both at Wrestlemania III and Wrestlemania IV. Of course, there's the clip of him getting chocked by Andre the Giant as shown above, maybe that's all the credentials you really need. Either way, we're definitely happy for Ueck on this one.

Good timing for Uecker to be nominated, as the Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place on the last weekend in March, before the Brewers season gets underway. Also good timing because both Wrestlemania and the HOF induction are in Phoenix, Arizona this year, which is coincidentally where the Brewers are holding their Spring Training. We're not sure who will be inducting Uecker quite yet, but one thing is for sure, we know Uecker is going to be pretty self-depreciating, a trait which works so well for him. I'm still not sure why he's going into their Hall of Fame, but I think it's half of a sign of respect and half of a mini-publicity stunt to drum up some extra interest in the event and Wrestlemania. Either way, congratulations.

Speaking of the Brewers, they were in action this weekend winning all three of their contests. On Saturday they picked up split squad victories against the Rockies and the White Sox, and then they also picked up a Sunday victory against the Giants. Two things I did want to mention from these games were that on Sunday Jeff Suppan gave up four solo home runs over four innings, a stat that is going to be giving me nightmares up to Opening Day. Also, I previously said that Joe Inglett has no shot at making the 25-man roster, but it looks like I was way off.

We'll keep the recaps short for now, as it was a busy weekend at The Bucky Channel household, but the Brewers are in action shortly taking on the Cleveland Indians. That game will be on FSN Wisconsin this afternoon live at 3:05, and then replayed again tonight on that channel as well as on the MLB Network. We'll have a full recap of that one later on tonight. My suggestion? Go home sick from work now, watch the Brewers this afternoon, and then honor the company that is honoring Uecker by watching Monday Night Raw tonight at 8pm. No? It was worth a try.


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