Friday, March 5, 2010

Brewers Rough Up Sheets, Lose to A's

Oakland 8, Milwaukee 7

Zing - Two straight days, two straight games where the Brewers held their own before the scrubs got in only to get waxed. Records mean nothing though right now, so there's really no concern there. What does matter is that these guys are getting quality reps and hopefully performing well, and that was the case for starter Yovani Gallardo. YoGa gave up just one hit in two innings while striking out two batters along the way. This team is going to once again live and die with their starting pitching, so it's good to see strong performances back to back from Gallardo and even Jeff Suppan. Also pitching well was Mark Rogers, who pitched for Milwaukee for the first time since being drafted by the club as their first pick in 2004.

“This might sound ridiculous to some people because they play in spring training games a lot, but I was up a little bit last night, tossing and turning. I was really looking forward to today, getting back on track,” Rogers told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “It was exciting. It’s been a long time. To be able to get out there and go game speed and feel 100%, my arm feels great now. I can solely focus on executing my pitch instead of how my arm feels.”

Rogers threw two innings, giving up just one hit in a game that took him six years to finally enter. Good stuff from Rogers, here's hoping he can turn this into an eventual stint with the big league club. For that, let's give him the POTG.

Boom - Another strong offensive output for the Brewers, who scored seven runs on ten hits. I have no idea who Steffan Wilson is, but he played first for the Crew and was 3-for-4 with an RBI. Strong days from Alcides Escobar and Gregg Zaun, who each had two RBI.

Tararrel - Ben Sheets looks pretty awkward in another uniform, but the good news for him is that he's still healthy. That's pretty much all the A's care about right now, although the Brewers did do a nice job of touching him up. Sheets gave up two runs (one earned) on four hits, although we still wish him well. Nice to touch him up though.

Puke - Lots of good in this one, unless your name is Mitch Stetter and Tim Dillard. Combined they pitched the sixth inning, and gave up seven runs on seven hits. Rough.


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