Sunday, March 28, 2010

Brewers Split Weekend Games

Zing: Perhaps inspired by my drafting of him in fantasy baseball this weekend, Prince Fielder finally hit his first home run of the Spring when he smacked a two run homer in the 6th inning of the Brewers 3-1 win over Texas. This game was broadcast on FSN Wisconsin on Saturday, and if you saw it you knew right away this shot was a no-doubter. Good to see Prince get on the board and here's hoping he can smack 50 some homers this season, and not just for my fantasy team.

Boom: Prince had a nice shot, but the star of the game for Milwaukee had to be Randy Wolf, as he allowed just one hit in six innings of work. Wolf struck out seven batters during the campaign, and we'll need performances like this out of our number two guy all season long.

Tararrel: So we know YoGa is our ace, Wolf is the two, and Doug Davis is our number three. That leaves Bush, Parra, Suppan, and maybe Narveson to fill out the staff. Thankfully, Bush was named the number four starter over the weekend, and I say thankfully because that means that Jeff Suppan was not. The Brewers won't need a number five starter until the middle of April, here's hoping that role doesn't go to Jeff Suppan either.

Puke: Well, it appears Doug Davis has been having a hard time since he was named the number three starter. He got roughed about a bit last week, and was roughed up again on Sunday as well. This time it came at the hands of his former team, as the Brewers lost 9-1 to the Diamondbacks. Davis went five innings, but gave up six runs off nine hits during that span. Not good. The Crew will be in action again on Monday against the Giants, at 3:05pm Central.


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