Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brewers Take Round One Against Cubs

Of course it's only Spring Training, but it's always nice to beat the Chicago Cubs no matter what the circumstances. Look that up, I'm pretty sure I said the same thing last year at this time as well. Oh well, here's some glances from Tuesday's 5-3 victory against the Cubs.

Zing - Joe Inglett will need a lot more days like the one he had on Tuesday if he's even going to make the preliminary of the preliminary conversations regarding the 25-man roster, but still good for him for having a nice day. The former Cleveland Indian and Toronto Blue Jay had two hits in this one, one of which served as the game winning 2-run home run in the top of the 9th. Again, just Spring Training, but nice to beat the Cubbies.

Boom - Pretty solid day for the rest of the offense, but nothing too spectacular. Prince Fielder and Jody Gerut each brought in a run, while Carlos Gomez scored on a Geovany Soto throwing error. Rickie Weeks had a decent afternoon while he was in the game, and Jim Edmonds started and scored a run. Again, nothing too earth shattering besides the Inglett homer, but a good solid day all around.

Tararrel - Overall this was a pretty good day for the pitching staff, minus one particular guy which we'll get to in a minute. Five Brewers relievers pitched six scoreless innings, a charge lead by Claudio Vargas. Nice night from the pen.

Puke - Oh, Jeff Suppan. If there was going to be one guy that would end the Brewers streak of having quality performances from their starting pitchers, it would be you. Suppan tried to stretch to three innings, and while doing so he gave up three runs on five hits. Can we just get rid of this guy already? I'm not saying that as an overreaction to a meaningless Cactus League game, but I can already picture a random night in June where Jeff Suppan gives up five runs in the first two innings, gets pulled from the game, and tries to fake an expression of "I can't believe I pitched that poorly" when even he knows he has no business as a starting pitcher anymore. Sigh, maybe I am overreacting to a meaningless Catcus League game.

Here's the box, Padres split squad on Wednesday.


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