Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bucks Get Revenge on Clippers

Last time these two teams played the Clippers ended the Bucks winning streak, and people questioned whether or not the Bucks were going to sink. Well Tuesday they proved that their prior loss was just a bump in the road as they took it to the Clippers. In fact, this one was almost over at halftime.

John Salmons was a little off Tuesday, so Brandon Jennings, Andrew Bogut, and Charlie Bell, yes that Charlie Bell, picked up the slack. The game was tied at 13 when the Bucks went on a 10-0 run in the first quarter. Charlie Bell had five of the Bucks 10 points in that run. The Clippers scored four late points to cut the lead to seven after one quarter.

In the second quarter the Bucks were on fire, as they put up 33 points in the quarter. This was just a balanced quarter for the Bucks all the way around. Eight different Bucks scored in the quarter. This could have been one of the best quarters for the Bucks all season. Milwaukee held a nice 59-44 lead at halftime. It's always a fun game to watch when your team puts up almost 60 points in the first half.

Andrew Bogut scored eight of his 14 points in the third quarter. He was a non-factor till the third in this game, but good thing he came out to play when he did. This was a tough quarter for the Bucks to find their shooting touch. It was the most even quarter of the whole game, but the Clippers did outscore the Bucks by one.

The Bucks bench started the fourth quarter, and they built the lead up to 20 points. For that reason it was finally a game where the Bucks could rest the starters, because they had a huge lead. This has been something that the Bucks have not been able to do much this season as they are towards to bottom of the league in wins of 12 or more points. Winning close games is good for the fact that it gives these guys experience how dealing with pressure in those situations. But blowing a team out gives the starters time to rest when they have to travel the Cleveland the next day to play. That is what the Bucks will be doing as they will play at the Cavs Wednesday night.

Lets check out some highlights from this 107-89 beatdown the Bucks did on the Clippers.

* Brandon Jennings played an all around great game Tuesday night. He finished the game with 17 points, 6 assists, and 5 rebounds. He has been playing a lot better of late, and he also seems to be getting the other players energy. Let's give him POTG. If you didn't see the game Steve Blake started for the Clippers, because Baron Davis is hurt. Late in the third quarter Blake stole the ball from Ilyasova, but he fouled him and nothing was called. So on the other end Bogut set a legal, but hard pick on Blake who didn't like that so he got in Bogut's face. Travis Outlaw then got in Bogut's face, so what Bucks stepped up to the table? No other than Jennings. He would get a technical which was dumb, but this really sparked the team. Also a funny side note to tell you how stupid Steve Blake is he told Bogut, " I'll fuck you up boy!" Thanks god this guy doesn't play for us anymore, he is the biggest loser in the league.

* Ersan Ilyasova played well off the bench for the Bucks Tuesday. He would lead the team in scoring with 20 points, and he had 8 rebounds. Always nice to get good scoring off the bench. Another bench stud Tuesday was Jerry Stackhouse who finished with 16 points, and 3 rebounds.

* Charlie Bell scored double figure points Tuesday night. I have to make note of this because I'm not sure the last time this happened. He finished with 10 points, and 4 rebounds. Not sure when Delfino will be back, but my guess is Bell will still be in the starting line up Wednesday.

* Bench scoring was all Bucks as they outscored the Clippers 49-27.

* Drew Gooden owns the Bucks no matter what team he plays for. I said this before the game started, and was reminded by Jon McGlocklin when he scored some early buckets. I have no idea why he does so good against us, but it seems that no matter what team he is on he loves to put number up against Milwaukee. He finished the game with 20 points, 11 rebounds, and a block. He will earn the Hunter of the Night award for Tuesday night.

It was another good win for the Bucks as Tuesday night the Bulls got beat. It will not be easy tonight as they take on LeBron and the Cavs. The Bucks now have a six and a half game lead on the Bulls. I would be shocked if the Bucks didn't make the playoffs, but they still have to get the job done to get in. They also have a game and a half lead over the Heat for the 6th seed. The Heat have a very easy schedule so they do have a chance to pass the Bucks, but I would see them playing either the Celtics or the Hawks. They will have to beat teams like the Cavs, Suns, Bulls, and Celtics to get the 5th seed. The drive for the five seed starts Wednesday for the Bucks, and Heat. For the rest of the box scores click the link below.

Also, there is a nice article in the USA Today about the Bucks and Scott Skiles. Check it out here, as it's about time Bucks get some national love.


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