Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bucks Stomp the Capital

Andrew Bogut and Carlos Delfino got off to a hot start Friday night in the nation's capital. They had 19 of the Bucks 28 points in the first quarter, and the game never got close after that. This was a game that the Bucks needed with a game against the Cavs coming up later tonight. The Cavs on the other hand had to use a lot of energy to come back from a 21 point deficit in their game last night. So maybe Milwaukee has that going for them as they try to take down LeBron.

The second half was when things got way out of control. The Bucks put up 30 points in the third to make it almost impossible for the Wizards to make any sort of comeback. Things were so out of hand that the Bucks put in the bench players with more than six minutes left in the game. Again good to see the guys get rest for the big match up. Saturday is going to be a statement game for the Bucks. If they can win this game Milwaukee should start getting some attention in the East as a nightmare first round match up.

Every player that played for the Bucks scored, except well everyone should know this - Primoz Brezec didn't. He had his chances too, because he got the line only to miss both free throws. Gotta make the free throws big man if you want to be a NBA player. I still can't believe that this guy is in the NBA. Brezec was also the only Bucks player to have a minus +/-. The game wasn't on TV so not much else to talk about in this one.

Lets check out some Highlights from the 102-74 beat down the Bucks put on the Wizards.

* Andrew Bogut couldn't get rebounds Wednesday night, but got right back on track Friday night. Bogut finished with a double double scoring 19 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 blocks. Good to see the big guy get back on track. He will have to bring his A game when Varejao comes to town. Bogut will get the Bucks POTG for Friday night for getting the Bucks off to a good start early.

* Delfino had nine points in the first quarter, and finished with 19. Carlos is the type of player that if he starts off good he will usually have a good game. If he starts off slow he never seems to find his shot.

* Eight out of the last nine, that is what the Bucks have done in the win category. Milwaukee is picking a good time to get hot. A few of the other teams in the playoff hunt have injuries that might hurt them. Chris Bosh was sent to the hospital with stomach pains so no clue how long he may be out. Wade is back for the Heat, but they dropped a few games with him on the side line. The Bobcats are missing Chandler down low. The Bulls, well they traded all their players away, so they have been up and down. As it stands now your Bucks are the 6th seed, just a half game behind the Raptors for the fifth seed.

* Rebounds and assists were keys to the Bucks crushing Washington Friday night. They out rebounded the Wiz 51-42. As I said above Bogut lead the way for the Bucks in rebounds with 10. The assists totals were a huge difference between the teams. The Bucks had 27 assists to Washington's 10 dimes. Jennings lead the way for the Bucks with 9 assists.

* JaVale McGee was the Hunter of the Night by default. He had the best stats, but no one on the Wiz played well what so ever. McGee finished with 13 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks. The only bright spot for 16,963 people that paid to watch the game.

It was a good start for the Bucks with games in back to back nights. Always nice to win the first one by a lot to give the guys a rest. Saturday night at the Bradley Center I have a feeling that things will be rocking. The Cavs are in town, and I hope the fans start treating every game down the stretch here as a playoff type game. The Bucks need to continue to play strong, and play as a team. If you can't tell by now sorry I wasn't pumped about Friday nights game, but I cant wait for Saturday nights game. Click the link below for the rest of the box scores from Friday nights BUCKS WIN.

I'm race'n for your love shake and bake Ricky Bobby....


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