Monday, March 22, 2010

Bucks Win After Huge Fourth

John Salmons was cold in the first half, but something must have sparked him in the second half. He had the second half of a lifetime Monday night against Atlanta in the Bradley Center. The Hawks couldn't miss in the first half, and built a nice 54-45 lead at halftime. That was mostly because of a huge second quarter from Jamal Crawford. He scored 12 of his 21 points in the second quarter to help the Hawks put up 34 points in the quarter. Any quarter you score over 30 points it is a great quarter.

The Bucks would need a huge second half if they were going to win this game, and Salmons would step up to the challenge. John scored 25 of his 32 points in the second half. At one point late in the fourth Salmons scored nine straight Bucks points. After that the Bucks worked up a five point lead, before Josh Smith went to work on Jerry Stackhouse. He scored two easy post up layups over Stack, and then got an offensive rebound from Jerry. Smith got fouled and made one of the two free throws to tie the game up at 91 with 3:31 left in the game.

Andrew Bogut had a hard time working Al Horford, but he made an awesome pass behind the back to Delfino who made a great cut for the easy lay up. Then Bogut got a huge tip back to give the Bucks another chance, and Salmons got fouled with 21 seconds left to give the Bucks a two point lead. I thought the Hawks might go for the win on the road, but they worked the ball to Joe Johnson who was on fire Monday. He got to the hole on Luc Richard, and got off a very well contested floater that bounced off back iron. Ridnour got the rebound, and was fouled to give the Bucks a chance to take a four point lead. Luke made one of two so Atlanta still had life, but Jamal Crawford got off an three pointer from 28 feet that was short.

It was a huge win for the Bucks as they were down by as much as 12 point midway through the third quarter. The Bradley Center was rocking like a playoff game, and Milwaukee didn't give up when down in the third. They fought back with team effort, and showed that this team is going to scare teams in the playoffs. No matter down 12 or up 12 the Bucks are going to work hard all the time thanks to one man and one man only Scott Skiles. This man should win coach of the year hands down. No other NBA coach could take a team like this, and do what he is doing. As great as the Bucks players are playing we really need to give some love to Skiles.

Lets check out some highlights from this awesome 98-95 Bucks win.

* John Salmons as I said above was awesome Monday. He finished with 32 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 tray balls. It never gets old saying that this trade has been be awesome for the Bucks. I guess this is the next closest thing to the CC trade for the Brewers. Really we should have seen this happening since he did the same thing last year for the Bulls when he joined their team. The Bulls made a playoff run, and he played an awesome series against Boston. Salmons is going to get the Bucks POTG for Monday.

* Carlos Delfino had another good game for the Bucks Monday. He finished with 23 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists. When he is on he is on, but you always get a bad game here and there. You just have to put up with the bad games, because the guy has been putting up some good games of late. Lets hope he can keep this string of good games going as Bogut and Jennings are having some rough games.

* Luke Ridnour, where have you been of late? He finally came to play Monday night as he finished with 18 points, 8 assists, and 4 rebounds. He hasn't been playing well of late, but this was a huge game for him off the bench. Getting a few bench players to score in double figures is huge every game.

* Thank you Hawks for sucking from the free throw line. Atlanta finished the night 6-13 from the free throw line. I guess there is nothing free about throws for this team. I don't think I have ever seen a team shoot this bad from the line. The Bucks on the other hand were 14-17 from the line, that is a plus 8 points just from the line for the Bucks. Not too many games you see the Bucks out shoot the other team from the free throw line.

* Milwaukee only had eight turnovers Monday night, and that only allowed Atlanta to score four fast break points. That is a huge part of the Hawks game, so keeping them to a low amount of fast break points is huge. Never bad to play a team three times late in the year when you might play them in the first round of the playoffs.

* Joe Johnson has a good shot, and it was working hard Monday night. He finished the game with 27 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists. I guess there has been a lot of talk about the Hawks not getting Johnson back after this year. His contract is up, and it looks like all signs point to him testing free agency. For now he is a Hawk, and he will earn the Hunter of the Night award.

Overall it was a nice comeback win for the Bucks Monday night at home. They get to stay at home for awhile as the next four games are all at home. Wouldn't be a bad thing if the Bucks went on a little winning streak here to keep their lead for the 5th spot in the East. Next up are the 76ers Wednesday night in the Bradley Center. This is kind of one of those trap games as you play a team you should beat, but they are always a team that can turn it on any night. Lets hope we don't catch the 76ers on one of those nights. The Bucks will be looking for their 25th home win of the season Wednesday night. For the rest of the box scores click the link below.

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