Monday, March 8, 2010

Conference Tourney Matchups Are Set

It's conference tournament time, sort of the pre-party when it comes to the bonanza that is March Madness. Both of our teams, Wisconsin and Marquette, have earned first-round byes that they can hopefully turn into successful runs towards a championship.

Marquette is first up, as they're set to play Wednesday afternoon at 1pm on ESPN as the Big East's fifth seed. Their opponent will be the winner of the UConn/St. John's game, which takes place on Tuesday afternoon. If they win, they'll take on fourth-seeded Villanova. You can check out the bracket here, it's actually pretty sexy looking.

The Badgers won't play until Friday, when they'll take on Illinois in a rematch of their regular season finale. That game will take place at 1pm, and is also on ESPN. You have to expect both the Badgers and Golden Eagles to win their first round games, and anything after that would probably just be gravy. Still, it'd be nice to see them both pick up some steam before they do enter the main party next weekend.


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