Saturday, March 13, 2010

Easy as 1, 2, 3....

Cavaliers, brush your shoulders off. Celtics, winner winner chicken dinner, Jazz. thank you come again. What a week for you Milwaukee Bucks as they knock off three teams that will be in the playoffs. Now lets hope they don't get over confident as they face three teams that will be fighting for the number 1 pick this week. It was another game that came right down to the wire at the Bradley center Friday night with Squad Six helping the Bucks get another victory. The Bucks started off a little slow to find scoring, but when they did took control for most of the game.

Milwaukee put together a great first half of basketball to have a nice 48-40 lead at halftime. Jennings lead the way in the first half as he had 12 of his 23 points. The Jazz love to shoot the three, but the Bucks had different plans Friday night as they held Utah to 0-10 from deep. The third quarter was back and forth, and the Bucks held on to an eight point lead going into the fourth.

I decided to take a quick shower between the third and fourth quarters. Unfortunately when I got back to my room the Jazz were only down one. They started the fourth on a 7-0 run, and would later take the lead that Milwaukee had for most of the game. This is when I thought to myself two things. First this will show what the Bucks are really made of, or second oh shit this might be when the wheels fall off. Thank god the wheels are still on this truck moving full steam ahead. The final 5:48 of the game was the most intense basketball I have seen in Milwaukee since Marquette had D-Wade. The crowd was into every shot, the players were diving for loose balls, and both coaches were up and yelling. The last half of the fourth quarter was the definition of good basketball.

The game was tied with about 36 seconds left. My first thought was get a shot off in the next 12 seconds so you at least get another chance if you miss. Good thing Skiles and myself think alike, because that is what the Bucks tired to do. As they got it right into Bogut who took his hook shot from right where he likes it, but he missed. Things were looking bad till no other than Ersan Ilyasova came out of nowhere to get the rebound, and make the put back lay up to give the Bucks a two point lead with 27 seconds left. Two good things happened on this play. First the bucks were leading, second we still get the final shot of the game. The Jazz set up a play to give Mehmet Okur a good look at a three, but he couldn't hit. Then things got ugly when Boozer thought he was fouled by Bogut. Carlos Boozer was kicked out of the game the Bucks made a bunch of free throws, and finished off the three game sweep of playoff teams.

Lets look at some highlights from this wild 95-87 Bucks win.

* Brandon Jennings showed a lot of leadership on that court Friday night as not only did he put up number on the offensive side of the ball, but also shut down one of the games best point guards. Jennings finished with 23 points, 6 assists, and 4 rebounds, but the best part was he held Deron Williams to 11 points, 9 assists, and 6 rebounds. That is not a bad game, but holding him to 3-12 shooting helped the Bucks in a huge way. Jennings will get the Bucks POTG award for Friday night.

* John Salmons, no doubt about it has been huge since coming north on I-94. He lead the team in scoring with 24, and also made two free throws late that put the Bucks up four. Never thought I would say this guy has changed this team, but he has.

* Bogut had a tough night shooting, but did find the time to get a double double. He finished with 16 points, 12 rebounds, and 4 blocks. Even when he is not shooting the ball great he still is our main man to run the offense through.

* Ersan Ilyasova had that awesome put back that was the play of the game so lets give him some love. He played 24 minutes off the bench, and really was the only guy off the bench to make an impact on this game. He finished with 14 points, and 8 rebounds. He doesn't seem to put up these great games every night, but man I love when they happen.

* Wesley Matthews was back home in Milwaukee. Things didn't go the way he wanted them too, but I'm sure it was nice seeing friends and family. He finished with 6 points, and 3 rebounds. Good to see the guy get a chance at the next level. Keep up the good work, your game will come around.

* If anyone finds a way to stop Carlos Boozer let me know. He is just a monster down low, and he also has a nice touch for a jump shot. He finished with his normal double double, scoring 26 points, and 14 rebounds. He will win the Hunter of the Night even if he missed the final 10 seconds, because he got kicked out of the game.

I said it before and I'll say it again, "Man I love being turtle!". Wait that is not what I wanted to say. Rather, I said it before and I'll say it again that this was a huge week for the Bucks. Now lets not let this week go to waste as they host the Pacers Sunday in the Bradley Center. This will be the last NBA game ever to not be shown on any TV station. So if you wanted to catch this one it will have to be on 620 or stat"Fred"tracker. Till then click out the link below for the rest of the box score from Friday nights win.


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