Sunday, March 7, 2010

Farewell, Aaron Kampman

After eight years of mostly dominating play for the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Kampman's tenure with the team has come to an end. It should come as no surprise that Kampman is departing the Packers, as he was essentially a casualty of the new 3-4 defense scheme. Kampman is still going to be one of the top defensive players in the game for a few years to come, but his body type and style of play just didn't gel in Capers new system. Kampman needs to be somewhere where he can effectively rush the passer, not somewhere where he's being forced to drop into coverage as a hybrid linebacker.

That place seems to be Jacksonville, where Kampman has signed a so-far undisclosed contract with the Jaguars. I'm happy to see Kampman land somewhere where is services can be put to be best, and I'm also happy that somewhere is in the AFC South and not with one of our rivals (Kampman to the Vikings rumors died a few weeks ago already, but there was talk of him ending up in either Seattle or Philadelphia as well). Hopefully he can recover from his ACL injury and be an effective fit in a defense that's right for him. Best of luck, Kampman.

As for the Packers, well they really haven't done anything in free agency yet, which isn't a big surprise. They did resign Chad Clifton which is good, but other than that expect Teddy to be quiet until the draft.


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