Thursday, March 25, 2010

MLS Starts Tonight

Faithful reader Collin was a little upset when he read that there would be no Winks Thinks today, and he was still upset even when I told them that I would have a Wrestlemania preview posted tomorrow. Thankfully, there is still one other thing that may cheer him up - the start of another season of Major League Soccer.

Tonight's game between the Seattle Sounders and the Philadelphia Union will mark the opener of the league's 15th season, and I know there are a lot of people including me who wondered if the league had any shot of making it even ten years. The league hasn't become as relevant as say the NHL or NBA, but it is still making strides and growing in popularity ever year. The biggest hurdle for this league was to make sure they didn't blow their load financially, which is how the pro soccer league before it (NASL) ended up folding. So far, so good.

The game tonight will take place at 8:30pm on ESPN2, although it is up against another batch of games for the NCAA hoops tournament. Major League Soccer has never had an easy time scheduling it's marquee games, as it's MLS Cup usually takes place against a full docket of NFL games on a Sunday afternoon in Autumn. But if you want to catch some games this season, you can usually find one every Thursday on ESPN2, as well as during the season on Fox Soccer Channel. Here's a full listing if you're interested, if anyone is still even reading this article.

The game tonight features the Philadelphia Union in their first ever Major League Soccer game, as they are the team's 16th team, coming in as an expansion team. Next year the league is expanding to 18, so the growth keeps taking place. Their introduction to the league will be against Seattle Sounders FC, a team who without question has the best fans in the league. Routinely, this team packs 30,000+ into Qwest Field, and provide an atmosphere unlike anything that is seen in the United States. It's actually more comparable to an environment you'd see in Europe. That alone is worth checking out, although I know most of you won't.

Oh well.


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