Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Narveson Keeps Making His Case

Zing: We've seen this picture before, and hopefully we get to see more of it this season, because I am on the Chris Narveson bandwagon. Well, not so much Narveson specifically, but anyone that can help kick Jeff Suppan out of the starting rotation. Narveson had a decent little experience when he was plugged into the starting rotation last season, and he's trying to make sure that happens again this year, at least judging by the performance of his play in Spring Training. Tuesday's game against the Royals was no exception, as Narveson went four innings, striking out four batters and allowing zero runs. Strong performance for Narveson in the 2-0 win, and hopefully he can help end the Suppan era once and for all.

Boom: Actually it was a strong performance from the entire staff, as they allowed eight hits over nine innings but gave up zero runs. Chris Smith and Todd Coffey are two of the more recognizable names that contributed, and Tim Dillard earned the save.

Tararell: The RBIs came from two guys that should figure to be solid backups for the Crew this season in Jody Gerut and Joe Inglett, and Carlos Gomez had a nice day with two hits.

Puke: Prince Fielder and Casey McGehee combined to go 0-for-6, not exactly what you'd like to see from guys in the middle of the lineup. Can't say I'm too worried about it though.


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