Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pack Resign Trio of Veterans

Honestly, I have to say that in my twenty-five plus years as a Packers fan I have seen very few people love Green Bay as much as Nick Collins. For the last season and a half it seems, Nick Collins has been repeatedly searching for a long term contract that for some reason Ted Thompson just wasn't ready to give him. Then, when Collins had the chance to bolt in free agency this offseason, he instead signed his restricted free agent tender which actually didn't guarantee him any money until the start of next season. Finally, Collins was rewarded for his patience, as the Packers signed him to a 3-year deal for $23.4 million.

I see zero negatives with this signing. Collins brings a playmaking ability with him that is comparable to what we used to see from Darren Sharper years ago, and it would have been shame not to lock him up for the next few years. Also staying in the fold for the time being will be Ryan Pickett, who has been signed through 2013. Pickett will now have a multi-year deal instead of just playing on a one-year franchise contract, which is also a good move. Pickett's value with the team has increased now that they are in a 3-4 defense, and he'll be getting $10 million his first year.

Actually, the Packers are dishing out a lot of money to their newly resigned veterans, something that makes financial sense in case the salary cap returns after the uncapped year. If that's so, the Packers can put the majority of these guys contracts in that uncapped year. So, that's smart.

One of the other contracts they can add to that plan is that of Mark Tauscher, as the veteran offensive lineman was resigned recently as well. All in all, we've known Ted Thompson not to be very active in free agency, but at least we know he'll resign our own guys when we know they'll be a valuable part of this team for years to come.


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