Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quick Look at the Brewers Weekend

Zing: The Brewers and White Sox got together on Sunday, and nobody came out the clear winner. This one was halted after ten innings, with the final score ending up at 4-4. Most of the pitching staff had a decent day, from starter Randy Wolf (five innings, two runs) to the relievers Mitch Stetter, Chris Smith, and Tim Dillard. Carlos Villanueva struggled a bit again, but overall I've been impressed with the performance of the pitchers this season, well minus Jeff Suppan of course.

Boom: Decent performance from Ryan Braun out of this one, as he hit his third home run of the spring season. Braun finished 2-for-3 with three RBI.

Tararrel: It's a type of game that Yovani Gallardo seems to excel at - the solo shot victory. Gallardo allowed four hits over five scoreless innings, but also scored the game's only run on a solo home run as the Brewers beat the Royals 1-0. The only other pitcher that is really capable of this performance is CC Sabathia. Ironically, I just had a dream about Sabathia that he agreed to resign with the Brewers. He was going to finish playing with the Yankees for the next two years and then come back to Milwaukee. Odd little dream there.

Puke: Pretty good weekend overall, but it's never good for the offense when the only run is scored by your pitcher. They still have a couple of weeks to work out all of the kinks, and they'll be in action again tomorrow against the Dodgers. After that it's a Tuesday matinee against Cleveland and then an off day on Wednesday.


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