Thursday, March 4, 2010

Salmons Leads Bucks Over Wizards

If the Bucks truly are going to make the playoffs, then it's teams like the Wizards that they have to beat to make sure they get there. Mission accomplished on Wednesday night, when the Bucks coasted to a 100-87 victory with relative ease. You could tell this one was essentially over by halftime, as the Bucks just have the stronger team right now. After so many years of futility, I'm almost having a hard time believing that this team can actually be successful so I'm going to enjoy every victory as they come.

This one came the way of another relatively strong team effort, led by John Salmons and his 22 points. Salmons has been a wonderful addition to the Bucks since he's come over from a Chicago, a welcome surprise for a guy initially thought to just be a stopgap for a couple of seasons. He may still be that, but if he's going to get us to the playoffs for the first time since we wore purple then I'm all for it.

Andrew Bogut also had a solid night with 15 points, but he didn't have a rebound until very late in the game. The rebounds in this one went to Carlos Delfino who had 11 boards as well as 13 points, and Ersan Illysova who had ten rebounds and 19 points. Also significant in the stats was another tough night of shooting from Brandon Jennings, who went 2-for-12 from the field. Rough night for the little guy, but he is still just a rookie.

Still, despite the team effort, Skiles said after the game that if the Bucks play the way they did in this matchup, they'll lose to Washington in their rematch Friday night. “We got a win tonight. We’re happy, we’ll take it, but we took an overall step back. Our overall intensity wasn’t what it needs to be,” Skiles told the Associated Press. He also gave some heavy props to Salmons, who had 16 of his 22 points in the second half. “We needed multiple guys to try and step up and help us and we got that. John was big.”

For that, Salmons will be credited with the POTG honors, while Gweeds' boy Andray Blatche will earn Hunter of the Night. No state television coverage for their rematch Friday, which is lame. Satisfy your appetite until then with a box that rocks score.

And in other basketball news, the Badgers killed Iowa, so that's good too.


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