Monday, March 15, 2010

Selection Committee Kind to Wisconsin, Marquette

The last time we spoke college basketball, Wisconsin was gearing up for their opening game in the Big Ten tournament, and Marquette was looking solid in the Big East opening rounds, hoping for a chance at conference tournament glory. Well, since then, both of our teams lost, ending any dream of a conference tournament victory. Marquette's loss wasn't too difficult to handle, they lost to a good Georgetown team that some are predicting could win the whole thing. Wisconsin on the other hand, lost to an Illinois team that they should have beat, so that was kind of disappointing. But hey, the Illini didn't end up making the tournament, so jokes on them.

Now that the tournament field is set, I'm actually kind of surprised at how high each of our teams were seeded. Wisconsin ended up getting a four seed and will take on Wofford on Friday afternoon at 2pm. If they win that, they could see a matchup with #5 Temple and then possibly #1 seed Kentucky.

Marquette on the other hand somehow found themselves with a six seed, something that is no doubt an incredible accomplishment. This is a team that many expected to have a down year this season, and still two weeks ago we were discussing whether or not they'd even make the tournament. Hell, even when we did think they'd get in we thought for sure they'd be slotted in an 8/9 matchup before inevitably falling to a one seed. But instead, Marquette gets the #6 and will take on Washington Thursday night at 6:20pm. They could then, if they win, end up in a game against New Mexico and then possibly West Virginia down the line.

The thing about these two teams though, is that if they do put a great run together they could end up being the team that stops the other one, as both are seeded in the East bracket. Should they play, it wouldn't be until an Elite Eight game, and the odds of that happen have to be very, very slim. But hey, I didn't expect either team to get as high of a seed as they did, so you never know.

Realistically, I think Marquette has the better chance to get farther in the tournament, not only because of their potential path but because they've been playing better basketball lately. Marquette should at least be in every game, whereas Wisconsin has lost some games they really shouldn't be losing lately. I know they've knocked off some very good teams this season, including a number one seeded team in Duke, but I just don't see them beating Kentucky, a team that I will most likely pick to go all the way, still debating between them and Kansas.

Speaking of picking brackets, I know that last year I ran a pool through the website and was going to give away free t-shirts to the winners. Well, one year later, said shirts were never made. Believe me, I really did plan to make shirts and send them, it's just that I can be all talk sometimes and this was one of those occasions. So yeah, no pool this year. But good luck anyways!


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