Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Skiles Earns Coach of the Month

Jennings has been the rookie of the month many times this year, but for the month of February it's Scott Skiles who is making headlines. Scotty is your coach of the month for the East, and I can't disagree with this decision. Skiles coached the Bucks to a 10-4 record for the month. Those then wins by Milwaukee were the most wins by any team in the East during this last month.

Fact of the matter is, Skiles has really put this team on the map in the East. People on ESPN are talking about the Bucks being a front runner for one of the final playoff spots, because of how they have been playing lately. I like how Scott is finding the right combination of people to put on the court.

February is the first double digit win month for the Bucks since December 2006, which is definitely a highlight for the Bucks this season. Lets hope they can keep up the good work, and maybe, just maybe, they can get the sixth seed in the East. I think we played the Hawks pretty hard on Sunday night, and if the Celtics get the three seed that team is not one I would put my money on. Congrats to Coach Skiles, and maybe this will help him move up the ranks for Coach of the Year.

Asfor a quick preview of the Bucks this week, if I can remember I think in the preseason rankings the Bucks were projected to take last or second to last in the East. The Bucks also moved up the charts on ESPN power rankings as they are now 14th. That's a nice jump from the 19 spot last week. The Bucks have three games this week - Wednesday at home against the Wizards, then at the Wizards Friday, and back home Saturday night with a huge match up against the Shaq-less Cavs, but they still have LeBron James of course. This is a week I feel the Bucks should be able to take care of business. Skiles, keep up the good work making this team a contender.


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