Friday, March 19, 2010

Suppan Needs to Go

The Milwaukee Brewers have their first three starters set in stone - Yovani Gallardo, Randy Wolf, and Doug Davis. Anything else after that is a mystery, and the mystery will become a lot more clear once the Brewers decide what to do with Jeff Suppan. The club actually doesn't need a fifth starter until the middle of April, so the fourth starter is either going to be Manny Parra, Dave Bush, or this shithead shown above. Please God, don't let it be Jeff Suppan.

Of all the options, there's no doubt that Suppan is actually the worst pitcher in the bunch. But there's the little issue of the $12.5 million we owe him this year, and the Brewers are obviously having a hard time of just cutting him loose and throwing that money down the toilet. I can understand that, but we gotta cut this guy, or at the very least keep him in the bullpen as our mop up pitcher. He sucks.

Suppan struggled mightily last year and his problems are coming with him into this season's Spring Training. He hasn't had a good start yet, and Friday's game against the Angels was no exception. Suppan went just three innings, giving up five runs on six hits, and also allowed four walks. That puts him at a 9.00 ERA during Spring. If the Brewers think that they can make the playoffs this season with a pitcher that is going to give you a guaranteed loss, then they are basically starting the season 0-30. Their method where they put Suppan on the extended DL list twice a season isn't going to cut it this year, we have to just sever ties all together.

The end result on Friday was a 10-5 loss to the Angels, and those are the kind of results that you're going to get with Suppan starting. Eating $12.5 million isn't the most ideal business strategy, but the Brewers should relish this opportunity. Hell, I'd pay $12.5 million to get Suppan off this roster and pick up at least five to six wins by doing so. Make the right move, Milwaukee, and get Suppan out of here.


Gweedo said...

He should do the WWE thumbs down.

Anonymous said...

he's terrible!!!!! Shoot him like a horse

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